Election: Individual, Corporate, What?

Phil (from PhilThreeTen) brought up a point regarding election that bore some
investigation. I did this in the past, but since I don’t have access to my
computer I had to do the research over again. Basically I started going through
and finding references to “choice”, “elect”, “chosen”, “chosen one” (and
variations thereof) to see if election is used for an individual and if so—in
what sense. With very little commentary and with the disclaimer that this list
is in no way exhaustive (since I don’t have time to recreate days of research
in a few hours), here’s the list.


In regard to a group:

A Group





In regard to places







In regard to Action

Rom 11:5 (Remnant Group according to God’s choice)

Rom 9:11 (God’s purpose according to his choice)

Acts 15:7 (God’s
choice that Peter would preach to Gentiles –role)

1 Ki 11:36 (God chooses Jerusalem —place)

1 Ki 12:31 (chosen soldiers)

Is 66:3 (chosen ways)

Jer 50:44 (the chosen appointed over pasture—role)

Lk 10:42 (chosen the good part)

Acts 1:24 (chosen apostle—role)

Acts 15:25 (chosen men)

Acts 22:14 (chosen group to know God’s will)

Josh 24:22 (people chose to serve)

Jud 5:8 (people chose gods)

Jud 10:14 (people chose gods)

A state or position:

1 Pet 1:2 (according to the foreknowledge of God—prognosin
singular feminine. So maybe one is elect and it is a she or it is the church. )

1 Pet 5:13 (individual lady or church chosen/elect with
individual lady or church)

Ez 24:6 (distinction)

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