Genesis: Chapter Divisions

Wanted to put my arbitrary outline of the Book of Genesis with basic divisions. It’s mostly divided by thought flow (stories), patterns (repeated events) and a generic structural division based on Genealogies or Generations. I pray it’s useful

First Half: Section 1
1:1 – 2:3—Creation Days

Section 2
2:4 – 2:24—Generations of Earth: Creation of Cultivators
3—Curse and Condemnation of Man
4:1 -16—Condemnation of Cain
4:17 – 24—Generations of Cain

Section 3
5—Generations of Adam/Man
6—Curse and Condemnation of Earth
7—The Flood Rises
8:1 – 9:17—The Flood Subsides
9:18 – 9:28—Covenant with Creation
10—Geneology of Noah’s Son’s
11:1-9—Confusion of Languages

Second Half: Section 1
11:10-27-32—Generations of Shem
11:27-32—Generations of Terah
12—Abram’s Promises and the Pharoah Incident–the 1st Famine (Egypt)
13—Abram Lets Lot choose: Abram and Lot Part
14:1-17-24—Lot’s Captivity & the Curse on Chedorlaomer and Company
14:18-24—Blessing of Melchizedek
15—Covenant of Promise to Abram
16—Covenant of Promise to Hagar // Ishmael Incident
17—Covenant of Promise to Abraham ratified: Circumcision &Ishmael Blessed
18—Promised Son and Abraham intercedes for Sodom
19—Condemnation of Sodom
20—Abram & Abimelech: Curse on Gerar & Abraham intercedes for Abimelech
21:1-21—Abram, Sarah and (miraculous birth of) Isaac –Hagar and Ishmael cast out
21:22-34—Covenant with Abimelech by Abraham
22—Offering of Isaac
23—Death of Sarah and the Field of Ephron
24—A Wife for Isaac
25:1-11—Abraham’s Family and Death
25:12-17—Generations of Ishamel

Section 2
25:19-28—Generations of Isaac: The miraculous birth of Isaac’s twins
25:29-34—Esau despises birthright
26—Isaac & Abimelech–the 2nd Famine (Gerar) –Promise to Isaac about blessing
27:1 – 28:5—Blessing of Isaac’s Sons
27:1-40 A—Jacob deceives Isaac and takes Esau’s blessing
27:41-46 B—Jacob and Esau Part
28:1-5 A—Isaac blesses Jacob
28:6-9 B—Esau despises Jacob
28:10-32—Jacob sent to Laban –Promise from God about Land
29:1 – 30:24—Jacob with Rachel, Leah and Children Deception of Jacob by Laban
30:25-43—Agreement with Laban
32:1-42—Jacob runs from Laban
31:43-55—Covenant with Laban by Jacob
32:1 – 33:18—Jacob and Esau Meet
32:22-30—Jacob wrestles with God
34—Dinah Incident, Curse on Shechemites and the Stench of Jacob’s Family
35—Jacob to Bethel and the Death of Isaac
36—Generations of Esau and His Blessed Descendents

Section 3
37 – 50:25—Generations of Jacob
37:1-11—Dreams of Joseph’s Greatness
37:12-36—Selling of Joseph
37:31-35—Deception of Jacob by Evidences of Sons
38—Judah and Tamar
38:25:00—Deception of Judah revealed by Evidences
39—Slavery of Joseph –Egypt
39:13-18—Deception of Potipher by Evidences of Wife
40—Dreams of Prisoners
41:1-36—Dreams of Pharoah
41:37 – 47:26—Joseph and the 3rd Famine
41:37-57—Joseph in Power
42:1-24—Joseph’s Brothers to Egypt and the Taking of Simeon
42:25-38—Jacob bereaved
43—Josephs’ Brothers to Egypt with Benjamin
44—Benjamin to be taken because of the Missing Cup
44:18-34—Judah intercedes for Benjamin
45—Joseph revealed to brothers
46—Jacob journeys to Egypt
46:1-4—Promise by God to Jacob
46:5 – 47:32—Israelites settle in Goshen
47:07:00—Jacob blesses Pharaoh
47:13-26—Joseph deals with the famine
47:27-31—Promise to Jacob by Joseph
48—Jacob blesses Joseph’s Sons and raises Ephraim
49:1-28—Words for Sons
49:29-33—Death of Jacob
50—Reconciliation of Joseph with Brothers

The rest of the Genesis series.

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