It’s Christmas Time

This is my favorite time of year.

Although I listen to Christmas music year round (especially because of my son but not exclusively so) the songs seem brighter (and less strange) during December. Although I hate the cold, I love standing out there on 5th Avenue freezing my face off watching the tree. Although I know that the holiday is grounded in pagan roots (the Tree, Decking the Halls, the Yule Log, holly, mistletoe) I love decorating, watching decorations and even eating some good ol? Christmas ham.
I know that the birth of Jesus could?ve been during some other time of year, but it just winds up being enjoyable that we do it during this time of year. Despite all those contradictions, I love Christmas. That being said, I think I should offer up the top 10 reasons why I Love Christmas.

1) The air is charged with joy. I know it?s a mix of shopping and well placed marketing points, but people wind up a little more bearable. Mind you, I?m in the heart of New York City and people are incredibly rude when shopping year round, and this time of year they get even crazier. But as they leave the register, a smile breaks their face for a moment and they?ll say ?Happy Holidays? or similarly. A brief moment but different enough from all other seasons to charge the air with it?s power.

2) Christmas Music. Like I said, I listen to the stuff year round but this time of year, it?s everywhere. Radio stations around these parts have picked up a lesson from the 24-hour Christmas station from last year. They figured out that people actually enjoy Christmas music (surprise) so they immediately switch to 24/7 Christmas music following Thanksgiving. Interspersed with product placement it proves to be one of the best money makers for Radio?and some of my favorite all-time listening without social repercussions. Not only that, but finally Christians feel it okay to creak open that section of the hymnal to sing some of those great heraldic tunes!

3) The Lights in my Son?s eyes. This is just sneaky. I love the lights and I love my Son?s eyes, so I?ll combine them both with this justification. My Son loves the lights too and nothing beats pulling up to a house that has decked itself out with the gaudiest combination of lights and looking back at his beaming face as he breathlessly says ?wooooah, Daddee! Wights!? That rocks.

4) Snow?when it happens. Yeah, it feels like the seasons have shifted a bit (although December this year has proved to be freezing) so we might not get snow as often as I remember when I was younger, and yes I hate shoveling with a passion?but snow in December is so cool (pun unintended). Waking up in the morning, turning on the tree and peering out of the grey window at the recent laid blanket of white with your Son at your side is just tops. Crunching in it with your boots with your son beaming and holding your hands rocks too.

5) Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows. I love it year round but it just tastes better after coming in from the December cold.

6) Getting my wife gifts. This year it?s tough and might not happen. We just bought a bunk-bed and my wife wants to focus on setting up stuff for our baby to be, so I wasn?t able to get her the gifts I wanted. I mean, we decided to get each other a t.v. because we needed something safer from the kid (s, future) but I really liked sneaking something into the house and getting a gift on the table and having her open it in the a.m.

7) Secret Santas/Buddies. It?s annoying shopping for people but man, I love the thrill of the chase. This year I gave my secret buddy a gag gift and then wrote up a poem to have them guess who I am to get the real gift.

8) December Dressing Up. I like how I dress in the winter much better than the summer.

9) Food. I love eating and this time of year it?s just a notch down from Thanksgiving, but still yummy.

10) Memories. Another cheat. It?s great thinking about Christ?s birth, death and resurrection and thinking about past Christmases. So cool.


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