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Jesus Christ Our Lord is King

The King was foretold ({{Num 24:17}}; {{Ps 2:6; 45:1-17}}; {{Isa 9:7}}; {{Jer 23:5}}; {{Mic 5:2}}) and is demarcated as glorious ({{Ps 24:7-10}}; {{1 Cor 2:8}}), supreme ({{Ps 89:27}}; {{Rev 1:5; 19:16}}), sits on the throne of God ({{Rev 3:21}}) and to sit on the throne of David (Isa 9:7; {{Eze 37:24,25}}; {{Luke 1:32}}; {{Acts 2:20}}) as King of Zion ({{Isa 52:7}}; {{Zech 9:9}}; {{Mt 21:5}}; {{John 12:12-15}}).

Jesus? history declares Him to be King by his lineage ({{Matt. 1:1-17}}; {{Luke 3:23?38}}; {{Rom 1:3-4}}), the angels pronouncement ({{Luke 1:26-38}}), Mary ({{Luke 1:46-55}}), the eastern Wise Men ({{Matt 2:1-12}}), his flight to Egypt as per prophecy ({{Mat 2:13-23}}), his presentation in the temple ({{Luke 2:21-38}}) and other fulfillments of prophecy.

Jesus declared Himself to be King in illustration ({{Matt 25:34}}), in action ({{John 12:12}}) and in defense ({{John 18:37}}).Jesus is acknowledged as King by the wise men from the East ({{Mat 2:2}}), Nathanael ({{John 1:49}}), His followers ({{Luke 19:38}}; {{John 12:13}}), His enemies ({{John 19:19}}), and one day by every knee in heaven and on earth ({{Is 45:23}}; {{Phil 2:10}}).

His kingdom is righteous ({{Ps 45:6}}; {{Heb 1:8-10}}; {{Isa 32:1}}; {{Jer 23:5}}), everlasting ({{Da 2:44, 7:14}}; {{Luke 1:33}}), universal ({{Ps 2:8, 72:8}}; {{Zech 14:9}}; {{Rev 11:15}}), not of this present world ({{John 18:36}}). The saints are the subjects of His kingdom ({{Col 1:13}}; {{Rev 15:3}}) and will be administrators thereof ({{Luke 22:29, 30}}; {{Heb 12:28}}) while all rulers pay homage to Him ({{Ps 72:10}}; {{Isa 49:7}}).

He will overcome all his enemies ({{Ps 110:1}}; {{Mk 12:36}}; {{1 Cor 15:25}}; {{Rev 17:14}}) and all the saints shall behold Him ({{Isa 33:17}}; {{Rev 22:3,4}}) . Israel the Nation will flock to Him ({{Ho 3:5}}) and the Gentiles will sit beneath his banner ({{Is 11:10}}) in the ultimate amplification and enjoyment of His Kingdom as declared in {{Romans 11}}.

This is surely not exhaustive for all of Scripture speaks of the future king, His rejection, His glorification by the Father and His waiting for the day that His enemies are made His footstool ({{Acts 2}}) where He will return and reign as King indeed.

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