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Jesus Christ Our Lord is Mediator

Jesus Christ is the only mediator, the one who lays a hand on each side ({{Job 9:33}}), between God and Man ({{1 Tim 2:5}}), mediating a better covenant than that found in the Law ({{Heb 8:6}}; {{Heb 12:24}}) which was mediated by Moses ({{Gal 3:19}}; {{Heb. 3:2?5}}). He has attained this exalted position by means of His full status as man ({{Heb. 2:17, 18; 4:15, 16}}), His authority by the Father ({{Matt. 28:18}}; {{John 5:22-27}}) and His atonement ({{Eph 2:13-18}}; {{Heb 9:15}}).

Of course, more can be inferred by His role as mediator throughout Scripture (as in his priestly work, his propitiatory work, his work in eternity past and the future glory)but I sought to look only at the direct references to his role as Mediator.

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