christ worship

Jesus Christ Our Lord is Preeminent

Jesus Christ is the preexistent Son of God who is both the creator of all things ({{John 1:1-3}}) and by whom all things are held together in place ({{Col 1:15-17}}) yet is also the one for whom all things were created ({{1 Cor 8:6}}; {{Rev 4:11}}). By His great power the heavens and earth were put in their place and by his might they will eventually be brought to a close ({{Heb 1:8-12}}). He is the firstborn, as in, the one of highest position of all creation. To Him belongs the glory ({{Heb 1:3}}) that belongs also to the Father ({{John 17:5}}) and belonged to Him from eternity past; Christ Jesus our Lord the preeminent one.

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