Jesus Wept On Palm Sunday

The people rejoicing caught up in the rush of it all while the disciples shouted loudly, praising God. People took off their coats and lay it on the floor while others rushed to Palm trees, took branches and lay them on the dirt. Now they praised Him; in a few days they would reject Him.

Oh how they shouted. “Hosana! Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord! The King of Israel!” (John 12:13). In front, perhaps leading the procession (Matt 21:9), were those disciples who had witnessed what He had done to Lazarus (John 12:16-18). Others stood about, wondering who this was, watching His walk into Jerusalem, soon they would witness His walk out of Jerusalem; to Calvary.

The Pharisees, gathering their courage at the outrage about them (John 12:19) would shout over the crowd telling this teacher to stop His disciples. What they?re saying is outright wrong. If there was a day in history where stones were in danger of crying out it was then (Luke 19:39-40). They didn’t.

Men continued to shout while others would ask “Who is this?” This question would reverberate from the incoming traffic, and ripple throughout all of Jerusalem (Matt 21:10). Greeks would push their way through the crowd, trying to get to Him and I wonder who heard Him sob and weep as He approached the city; ?If you had only known, Jerusalem, the things that make for your peace and rest. But you didn’t realize it and now, they?re hidden from your eyes! You will be leveled because you didn’t recognize the time of your visitation!? (Luke 19:41-44)

Israel’s visitation. By whom? A mere man? Mark would point saying: this wasn’t a mere servant, this servant came and had authority (Mk 11:3-6). Matthew points to Him: that’s your king, Israel–coming as promised (Matt 21:5). Luke would point to Him saying: this man?s coming is so important, that inanimate creation would yelp out in adoration! John points to Him saying, this Son of Man will be glorified?for He is God (John 12:21-26)!

Oh the wonder of Christ Jesus, knowing that He would soon be handed over and yet He weeps for the people who will reject Him. He offered Israel the Kingdom for three and a half years and after their repeated rejection, the door was closed to them now–yet He would still be glorified. For now, He wept, not the quiet angry tears at Lazarus–tomb, but those tears of pain for Israel, though she rejoiced had committed the ultimate act of sadness–rejected Her Messiah.

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