Chronology of the Passion Week

I had originally planned this super-intelligent series of posts where I would chronologically cover each of the events during Jesus’ final week. The series was going to be incisive, illustrate connections of thought, move the soul and be most satisfying for my own personal studies.

Well, the chronology is driving me crazy. Hebraic day counting verses Roman day counting. Events in various gospels and analyzing differences versus similarities. I’ve been doing this for a LONG time–if you’re
wondering. Each time I pick this project up again I put it down, having a general idea of events but not a rock solid look at my watch and know “this is what happened now” sort of thing.

So I?ll post the chronology and leave it to smarter people,
theologians and chronologists to figure out what’s wrong and what’s right. I?ll post meditations throughout the week. FYI, verses with an asterisk shows a time measurement recorded in scripture.

Saturday (or Friday)
*John 12:1 at Bethany
(Matt 26:7-13; Mk 14:3-9; John 12:2-11
Lazarus? House / Simons Host and Jesus anointed by Mary ?)

Matt 21:1-3 Fetch a donkey
Matt 21:4-11; Mk 11:1; Lk 19:29-44; John 12:12-22 Triumphal
John 12:28 Voice
from heaven
*Mark 11:11
Overview of Temple
Mark 11:11
Evening to Bethany

*Mark 11:12
Hungry, Curses Fig Tree
Matt 21:12-13; Mk
11:15-18 Cleaning the Temple
*Mark 11:19
Evening leaves City

*Matt 21:18; Mk 11:19 Returns to City in Morning
Matt 21:19; Mk
11:20-26 Fig tree found withered
Matt 21:23-27; Mk
11:27-28; Luke 20:1-8 Authority Question
Mk 11:23 Question
on nature of John?s baptisms
Matt 21:28-32 Two Sons
Matt 21:33-46; Mk
12:1-11; Lk 20:9-19 Parable of the
wicked vine dressers
Matt22:1-14 Wedding feast parable
Matt 22:15-22 ;
Mk 12:12-17; Taxes to Caesar
Matt 22:23-33 Seven brothers parable
Matt 22:34-46 Greatest commandment
Mark 12:35-37 Son of David
Matt 23:1-12 Beware of Scribes, 7 Woes
Matt 24:1-2 Prediction of temple destruction
Matt 24:3 ? 25:46 Signs of the age
Matt 26:1-16 Anointed at Bethany (Matt 26:7-13; Mk 14:3-9;
John 12:2-11 Lazarus? House / Simon’s Host and Jesus anointed by Mary ?)

Thursday night/Wednesday night?
*Matt 26:17-20 Place prepared at evening
Matt 27:26-29 Lord?s Supper
John 13 ? 16:28 Upper Room Discussion
Matt 26:30-32 Mount of Olives
Luke 22:24-30 Who is the greatest
Matt 26:33-35 Peter?s Denial predicted
Luke 22:35-39 Told to prepare with sword
Matt 26:36 To Gethsemane
Matt 26:38-56 Prays, Watch and betrayed
John 18:19-24 Jesus at Annas
Matt 26:57-68 To Caiaphas
Matt 26:71-72 Peter?s Denial
Luke 22:59-62 Peter?s Denial

Thursday Morning/Friday Morning?
*Matt 27:1, Mk 15:1, Luke 22:66, John 18:28 Morning
Matt 27:3-10 Judas returns 30 pieces of silver
John 18:29-37 Jesus and Pilate (2 sessions)
John 18:39 ? 19:3
Flogged, crown of thorns
John 19:4-8 Pilate: Behold the man
John 19:9-16 6th Hour: Behold your king
Mark 15:21-22 Walk to Calvary
*Mark 15:25
John 19:25-27 Woman: Behold your son
*Matt 27:45 First hour of darkness
Mark 15:34 Why
have you forsaken me
*Mark 15:42
Evening, Joseph with Pilate
*John 19:42
Buried before sunset

Saturday morning
Matt 27:62-66 Watch set at tomb

Saturday night
*Mark 16:1 Bought Spices

Sunday Morning
Matt 28:1-8, Mk 16:2-8, *Lk 24:1-8, John 20:1-10 Empty Tomb
Matt 28:11-15; Mk 16:9-11; Jn 20:11-18 Report to Sanhedrin
Matt 28:9,10; Lk 24:9-11 Jesus appears to women
Appearance to two disciples Mk 16:12,13; Lk 24:13-32
Lk 24:33-35 appearance to peter
Mk 16:14; Lk 24:36-43; John 20:19-23 appearance to all

I forgot to put the option of a Thursday crucifixion. Sorry.

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