Which Part Got Crucified? (Romans 6)

I?m looking over Romans 6 again and just thinking about that bit about being buried with Jesus and being raised from the dead with Christ. That whole walk in the newness of life just rings a bit hollow when I think about my constant stumbling into sin. It can happen on the spur of the moment or after some pre-planning. Bam! There goes that tongue again. Oh no! Here comes anger! Over and over and over and over again. Duck! That was pride!

Which part of Rey got crucified? I think I have even heard it said while looking at this portion that our old nature is crucified with Christ. Our old, nasty parts have been crucified leaving a bright eyed and pure Christian who can walk in newness of life. Man, I hope that?s not true because if so, I?ve never had my old man crucified. I can, like brother David who commented here, look at my life day by day and realize just how sinful I am.

So is that it then? Do I keep thinking about how I am legally dead and that?s it? While I struggle with parts that I think should?ve been crucified but each day seem to get stronger? I know that my last post delved into the practicality of this legal thinking but I wound up rubberbanding back to this ?newness of life?.

What is that? This newness of life is a proactive life and though I?m sure that upon hearing it (no condemnation?) I might jump to the conclusion that now I?m free to sin I know that I am no longer powered by sin. Proactively not presenting my members to sin leading to death. Actively, not letting sin reign in my mortal body. For I am not under Prescript plus Punishment but am under Grace.

I then must recognize in my mind and be proactive in the action of my body. For I am not under wrath, but under grace so I am not like those heathens who have suppressed the knowledge of God in their mind and then sinned all manner of sins in their bodies. No, I am not. I am saved from the wrath of God by His grace and mercy and now, this newness of life is one that is not under wrath but under thriving grace.


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