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Still tired but I will resume posting next week I?m sure. You can also
come back on Monday for Brother Russ? next installment in his TULIPS
series?a reading from a non-Calvinist perspective. His post on Total Depravity has probably
become the most commented article on the Archive. In the meantime, here
are some links from around the wwwURLd.

Tim over at the Irvins talks about the use of confessions and challenges those (like myself) who downplay historic Christianity.
Needless to say I see wisdom in being able to express what you believe
but find a problem when it comes to quoting confessions instead of
Scriptures, but I admit that I may not be as knowledgeable or strong as
some of you so I may very likely be wrong. I?ve commented over yonder,
so now you readers can give it a read then remove me from your blogroll
with the title ?confused heretic?, re-kindle the auto de f? or bear
with my weakness. I pray the later.

The Catholic Church gets together to answer and overthrow the
Protestant heresies in the Council of Trent. I?m linking to this solely
because there is a huge danger is saying ?The Bereans didn?t have 2000
years of church history to support what Paul was teaching or they might
have relied on it.? Speaking of the Calvinist heresy we read that:

?[Calvin?s] "pure doctrine" is gained by appealing, not to tradition,
the "deposit" of faith, but to argument in abstract terms exercised
upon Scripture. He is neither a critic nor a historian; he takes the
Bible as something given; and he manipulates the Apostles’ Creed in
accordance with his own ideas. The "Institutes" are not a history of
dogma, but a treatise, only not to be called an essay because of its
peremptory tone. Calvin annihilates the entire space, with all its
developments, which lies between the death of St. John and the
sixteenth century. He does, indeed, quote St. Augustine, but he leaves
out all that Catholic foundation on which the Doctor of Grace built.?

Brian McLaren seems to like confessions and posts his Jesus creed and
his confession of Christ
online for all to share. The first is full of
allusions but no references (for easier reading I guess) and the second
is positional alignment with a couple of references. The second ends
with this statement that puts some of us in troubled waters if we
haven’t signed or acknowledged, I guess:

We believe that acknowledging these truths is indispensable for
followers of Christ. We urge them to remember these principles in
making their decisions as citizens. Peacemaking is central to our
vocation in a troubled world where Christ is Lord.

Joe Carter has an excellent series which gives us an overview of
Evangelicals. If anything it?s helpful in ordering our Who?s Who in
Evangelical Christianity deck of cards.

I confess that I’m a geek and need to buy this book about intelligent design.

This guy confesses his love to Condoleeza Rice.


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