Roll With The Punches: A Message

At last we meet, Elder Brother?am I everything you imagined I would be? Of course not, heh heh. Indeed, as your very loud and active imagination ran rampant, reeking havoc on your surroundings, I would listen and learn. Oh, I acclimated myself to you?but have you done so towards me? ?will you?

There you were, speaking for Me and pretending that I was an invisible guest at your dinner parties. You were safe when I was but a figment of your imagination, a part-time actor in your play-time. But now I am here?in all of the indefectible glory of my cacophonous requests to soothe my insatiable need?I am here. I do not speak, true, and have momentarily housed the vehicle of this now mindless shell of a man after I have strategically sapped Sleep from his body?yet I am still here?and posting.

You, Elder, stared into my real eyes when we first met and I remember the details vividly. I could see the mixture of fear and adventure playing across your features?I could smell the reek of anxiety and mischief on your body. I know that I proved not to be a toy and you made your displeasure known when you spit at me. You?re forgiven (at least until I read this years from now and stoke the fires of my anger). Carry on if you want to. I?m here now. I?m not planning to leave.

Allow me a tangential moment as I consider the multifaceted levels of the situation, using your behavior to reflect on society as a whole. You know, it?s a lesson many would bear learning. Christians (for one) spend years and years complaining about movements or new philosophies and then spend even more years fighting those philosophies?sometimes so much so that they forget about their core duties or subsequent enjoyment. Christians may look at the world that?s changing and think that they have to freeze it in a state of perpetual (perceived) morality to do any good for God. And yet, the God who knew me from Mommy?s womb is a God that enacted His plans in a world that changes. If anything this should engender respect, a feeling of enjoyment and a sense of thanksgiving. Father would probably mention 2 Peter 3.

But of course, I digress. Back to Our situation. A word of advice: As I have done in the womb, it is best for you to do in the warm comfort of this Home which is as much mine as it is yours. Acclimate Elder Brother. Adapt.

You readers, forgive me for taking over my Father?s mind. I, admittedly, broke down all his defenses with a series of crying and diaper attacks. I will not be taking over the Archive as much as my friend-to-be does to her Daddy?s site, so in that you may find a marginal sense of comfort.


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