Linking Policy

I set up the BibleArchive to be a place where I could: 1)
put up my own Bible Notes; 2) put up links I’ve found on things I’m researching
thus making it easier for myself and others to find; 3) are Plymouth Brethren;
4) put up links to sites which I have found helpful; be it in their
understanding of Scripture, their point of view or data.

Therefore you might wonder why some sites are not on my
weblinks. You can contact me if you feel that a site should be added and I will
decide if I add the site. You might come across sites on my web links section
that I don’t agree with but they’re in some way helpful to me and I figured
helpful to you. You can contact me if you find that somehow the site has some
serious problems.

But I have always held this policy: I will not link to sites
of confessing Christians who bring a bad testimony to the Body of Christ in the
way they speak to others; be it friend, family, church affiliation or height on
the ecosystem. The basis for defining a bad testimony is left up to my discretion
but I will say this: embracing something that brings shame to the gospel is
high on my list as well as the way I see how a site treats other believers.

If you feel I removed you in error, feel free to contact me. We’ll discuss. God bless you.

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