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Mary, Moms and Mayhem

I thought of it for mother?s day, I really did. "Just a look
at the mother?s in the New Testament" I said one day. Then I thought about Mary (Miriam actually) and started
doing a study on all the Mary?s  in the New Testament (which some
folk like to confuse). But I’m still in the middle of my Romans series and this recent post is killer rough,
while starting to think about Ephesians and worrying about Elisha and Elijah or
just when am I going to finish up Daniel or post something about Wives or get back on dueling with dead men?then I
decided, that I?m nuts. So I?ll post another history of study notes so that you
can take it up and do something with it, which I can not.

Mary (Jesus? Mother)

A virgin when betrothed (Luke 1:27)
Found favor with God (Luke 1:30)
Spoken to by an angel (Luke 1:30)
Conceived by the Holy Spirit (Mat 1:18)
While betrothed to Joseph (Mat 1:18)
Before they had ever come together (Mat 1:18)
Married to Joseph (Mat 1:16)
Visited her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1:39)
The conceived child made Elizabeth?s
baby jump (Luke 1:41)
Sang to the Lord (Luke 1:46)
Stayed with Elizabeth for 6 Months
(Luke 1:56)
Registered in Bethlehem from Nazareth
with Joseph (Luke 2:4-5)
Delivered in a manger and witnessed the worship by Shepherds (Luke 2:16,
She treasured all these things in her heart (Luke 2:19)
Prophesied to by Simeon (Luke 2:34)
Witnessed the worship of Jesus by Magi (Mat 2:11)
Fled to Egypt
with husband (Mat 2:13)
Returned to Israel
upon Lord?s bequest (Mat 2:20)
Her husband was a carpenter (Mat 13:55)
Other sons are James, Joseph, Simon and Judas (Mat 13:55)
Had daughters as well (Mar 6:3)
Had a sister (John 19:25)
Was at the wedding of Cana (John 2:1
Petitioned Jesus for help (John 2:3)
Stayed with Jesus and His brothers in Capernaum
(John 2:12)
Anxiously sought Jesus at Age 12 (Luke 2:45-49)
Came to get Jesus with His brothers (Mat 12:46-47;
Mar 3:31-33; Luk 8:19-21)
She treasured all these things in her heart (Luke 2:51)
Stood at the cross with Her sister,  Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary
Magdalene (John 19:25)
John to be her ?foster son? (John 19:26-27)


Looked at the crucifixion from a distance (Mat 27:56)
Had 7 demons cast out (Mar 16:9)
Walked with Jesus and disciples (Luke 8:1-3)
Ministered to Jesus and followed Him from Galilee (Mat 27:56-57;
Mar 15:41)
Stood at the cross with Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary the wife of Clopas
(John 19:25)
Was at the tomb at Jesus? burial (Matt 27:61)
Came to look at the grave (Matt 28:1)
Told the disciples about the tomb incident (Luke 24:10)
Returned alone to the grave (John 20:11)
Received a direct message from Jesus (John 20:16)
Relayed the message to the disciples (John 20:18)

(mother of James and Joseph)

Looked at the crucifixion from a distance (Mat 27:56)
Ministered to Jesus and followed Him from Galilee (Mat
27:56-57; Mar 15:41)
Mother of James the Less, Joseph or Joses and Salome (Mat 27:56; Mar 15:40;
Luke 24:10)
Sat opposite the grave at Jesus? burial ( Mat 27:61; Mar 15:47)
Came to look at the grave and brought spices (Matt 28:1; Mar 16:1)
Told the disciples about the tomb incident (Luke 24:10)

(sister of Martha)

Sister to Martha (Luke 10:39)
Sister to Lazarus (John 11:2)
Her sister welcomed Christ into her home (Luke 10:38)
Lived in Bethany (John 11:1)
Chose the good part (Luke 10:42)
Stayed in her house at Lazarus? death (John 11:20)
Ran to Jesus saying her brother wouldn?t have died if He was there (John 11:32)
Had a supper with Jesus, Disciples and Martha (Mat 26:6;? Mar 14:3; John 12:1)
In the home of Simon the leper (Mar 14:3)
Wiped Jesus feet with her hair (John 11:2; 12:3)
Broke the vial over His head (Mar 14:3)
Poured pure and costly nard on His feet and wiped them with her hair (Matt
26:6-11; Mar 14:3-5; John 12:3)
Others complained at the cost of it and were scolding her (Mar 14:4-5)
Nard is worth at least 300 denarai (John 12:5)
Her deed to be spoken of throughout the whole world (Mar 14:9)

Woman (No mention of who this is)

In Nain (Luke 7:11)
A sinner (Luke 7:37)
With a dark manner of sin (Luke 7:39)
Found out where Jesus was in the Pharisee?s house (Luke 7:38)
Brought an alabaster vial of perfume (Luke 7:37)
Stood behind Jesus at His feet and wept, wetting His feet (Luke 7:38)
Had sins forgiven (Luke 7:48)
Her faith has saved her (Luke 7:50)
Can now go in peace (Luke 7:50)


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