TULIP – Totally Unprepared to Link to a New Internet Post
Not finished with a couple of articles yet, and
I’ve been running around quite a bit. Looks like we may be inducing my wife
this coming Friday since contractions are a minute apart and we don?t know when
this is going to happen?so we?re getting a jump on it. Praise the Lord, it?s
only like 2 days before her due date and He?s been good in keeping the baby and
my wife healthy. For your reading pleasure, here are several links to
non-Calvinist articles. I?ve linked to the counterpoint quite a bit on this
site, so allow me:

When you’re asking questions on Calvinism it may be best to examine their position as a whole.You might want to consider the theological and practical implications of this system of thought and see how that aligns with Scripture. Of course, you can also do google searches to fill up posting time by sharing other positions.
It would also be good to get more involvement from the philosophical problems with the system. If anything, point by point comparisons with other positions may also be beneficial. Mind you, a real study will take a long time, and considerable amount of reading and writing.

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