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If I keep this up, My linking will be as bad as Instapundit!

Doug asks for different study methods and connected in thought if not direct content, Tim offers his own personal worship hour.

Speaking of study, here’s a site that gives us an overview of religious information with a strong desire not be strongly support anything?provide the facts without a goal to turn the reader to their thinking (as is wont to do).

Derek has finished a 9 part series on Neo-Calvinism. I have my opinions but formulate your own. Don?t bother trying to comment on the site if you don?t have a blogger account.

Cheese and Crackers asks for information on the Tsunami videos he has on his site plus links to where to donate.

Monetary Contributions pledged per Country in response to part of Adrian?s question. See if you can help him out.

Geek link. It?s a little old but it?s the first step for all the brethren of the Geekdom seeking to build a date for the prom. Hat tip to Gizmodo.


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