Web Nicks and Clicks 2

Without further ado…the new edition of Web Nicks and Clicks!

I like discussions and friendly debate, but I really do have
problems when things get too far on either side so sometimes I just back out of
discussions and avoid the anger. Doug has some great thoughts on this and gives
an open letter which can be applied by any of us.

Here's a great discussion going on over at Jeremy's site. Lot's
of light and no heat.

I'm not one of those folks who have poured fire on the open
theists just yet. I still have to make an informed study of their doctrine to
see exactly what it is they're saying (instead of looking at what other folks
say the open theists are saying. If I listened to their summation I might as
well listen to what others say about Calvinists, Covenant Theologians,
Dispensationalists and Christians in general!) That being said, here's where
you'll find Greg Boyd defending his position via essays and Q and A's. Thus
far, it's pretty interesting. Link nod to Tim.

Cool essay on John Nelson Darby, whether or not you care for
his theology you must acknowledge the impact of the man on eschatology. And here is a note by Spurgeon during the downward spiral of the Brethren movement. So sad.

Interesting site here, this brother went through and did an
overview of denominations. He's very careful about things and asks for guidance
if you feel the information is wrong. God bless him.

And here's the geek link for the week and I have a creepy
feeling that some of the mac-users are dancing ala Gollum in Mt.
right about now.


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