New Year 2005

The year has gone and a new one is here. A time of
resolutions and remembrances, raised glasses, laughs and tears. To me it's
another day like yesterday. I barely caught the countdown realizing it in time
to wish my wife a Happy New Year.

Tough year this one: wars in multiple fronts, the shadow of
terrorism casting it's dark arm, society in apathy and the world stunned in
shocked horror as over 130,000 are wiped out in almost no time.

We've had political backstabbing, televised back-peddling,
the rise of the blog, and a fa?ade of brotherhood in the world while hatred
increases. It sounds like a depressing picture, spotted with brief highlights
of encouragement?voting in Iraq
for one.

A friend asked me if I think all of this is the sign of the
end times?specifically highlighting the horrific tsunami. I, thinking about all
those deaths with somber silence, answered with care saying "I don't think any
of those things nor the events in the world are a specific sign of the times
per se. There's been signs of the times since Jesus' departure.

"I think the current state of apathy of God and acceptance
of all things while denying the Christ is a Biblical sign of the times."

Believers, this year let's look to the Lord in prayer,


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