Local Church Series

This post serves as a repository of my local church series

  1. Why is the local church is important? This post touches on most of the earlier articles in the sublist below but expands on most of them.
    1. What can we assume to know about the church?
    2. Are there any unspoken assumptions about the church?
    3. Why assume anything about the church?
    4. What is the goal of the church?
    5. What is the work of the church?
    6. What does the local church look like?
    7. What is this about the local leadership in community?
    8. Does a failing local church still count?
    9. Are there any examples of failing yet actual local churches?
    10. Interlude Discussion: So what about para-church organizations?
    11. What is Rey suggesting regarding the local church?
  2. Deacons in the local church
  3. Elders in the local church
  4. Does the local church need small (or large) groups?
  5. What does church discipline look like in the local church?
  6. How does a church function?
    1. Avoiding unnecessary division
    2. Committed to unity over against unwarranted division
    3. Aware of the pressures that create disunity

Scott’s Church Basics Guest Blogging

  1. What is the ekklesia?
  2. What does all that mean?
  3. What are we fighting?
  4. How do we fight it?
  5. What do we have?
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[…] I believe this will be my final post for now pertaining to the topic of church. I can say, for myself, it has been both encouraging and challenging to be reminded what is, or who is, church. If you missed any of these articles and want to start back at the beginning, check out Church 101 – The Basics. […]

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