New Math 2008?

I’ve peripherally heard of some New Math that’s being taught in schools for the last couple of years that is different from the way I learned. When I do math I start with the right side and work my way over to the left but the New Math apparently works over from the right to left.

So for example where I did math like this:
  19        19          
+11     +11
===   ====

Now my question is this: how does the new math work? I mean, if there’s no 1 carrying (since its starting with the 10 integer and working over to the right), does it add another row underneath like so:
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+11     +11     +11
===    ===    ===
             2         20

If anybody knows, can you let me know? My son has reached a point with math that we need to address this but we want to make sure we have the method right so that when the teachers try to indoctrinate, he already has their methodology down.

Thanks in advance.

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