Prayer Request: Tulip Girl and La Sabot

Here’s an excerpt from her site. Pray for them:

As Hubby posted, our
second son T7 has obstructive(?) bronchitis and pneumonia and was
admitted to the hospital last night. Prognosis is good, but he needs to
be in for several days.

We were at the state children?s hospital yesterday, and transferred
to a private hospital today. (Don?t worry?both are clean. But one day
we?ll tell you amusing stories about the State Hospital. . . *L*) I
stayed with him last night, Hubby is with him tonight. Babushka has
been with the other boys a lot (in fact, she was the one who realized
he had more than a normal chest cold.)

Also, La Sabot Post-Modern‘s has a sick 7 year old Post shows some more info:

I came home from work today to find that Tennyson, my seven year
old, was having trouble breathing. He’d had a cough for a few days, but
since it’s winter we’d assumed it was a cold. It took a more serious
turn today.

They’ve admitted him to a research hospital, and x-rays confirmed he
has pneumonia. The Duchess is with him now — we’ll be alternating
shifts there for the next 5-7 days. There’s a possibility we’ll need to
evacuate him to a country with a more modern health system.

Shhh. I just found out that they’re married! Thanks Sozo!
UPDATE: Their son is home and doing well.

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