christ worship

Precious Moments

Once more we have remembered Him,
Our Lord who loves us so.
His cruel death upon that cross.
His pain we’ll never know.

This time we spend together here
In worship and in praise,
Is time spent in rehearsal for
Those never ending days.

This feast is just a shadow of
The blessings we will share
When Christ returns to take us home
We’ll meet Him in the air.

We’ll view those cruel nail prints and
The spear wound in His side.
Reminders of His matchless love,
For us, our Saviour died.

We will not see the crown of thorns
That pierced His blessed brow.
Instead we’ll see a crown of gold.
He reigns in glory now.

Each time we have this privilege
That we have had today,
Remember that it won’t be long
Till that unclouded day.

What will it be to dwell with Him
And gaze upon His face,
To join that heavenly choir above
And sing “Amazing Grace”?

Let us watch now for His coming.
Let’s live for Him each day.
With lamps all trimmed and shining bright.
Perhaps He’ll come today.

John MacPherson

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