Pure Unadulterated Boardroom Rant

7:01 PM. Hamsters: they run for one reason. So they can
drink water, eat their food and get back to running.
Well, I guess that’s three reasons.

Well, here I am again during another Co-op board meeting and
witnessing a HUGE argument over who got the financial report and who didn?t.
Everyone is yelling at each other because there are seven board members, and
only six got a report but all the reports are gone?.someone (gasp) got two. I
got one the other day?who knows if I have two…and I told them as much. I?m
one of three people that need to read it?everyone else just chucks it.

Why am I still doing this? I mean, in all honesty I am only
pitching in because I care about my home?not because I know anything about
finances and what not. I?m sitting here typing away because I don?t like
dealing with ignorance. If people are going to be ignorant then let them?I just
have a problem when ignorance evolves.

So at what point do these arguing people collide with
reality? We have an accountant who takes care of all the books. We have a
lawyer who takes care of our legal concerns. The only thing we do is sign off
on some things because the management company handles most of the stuff.

Now they?re arguing about the proper protocol for calling in
a report to the office. You can?t just call in the report to the Management
office you know?you have to write it in. Especially on repeat-offenders because
what?s the good of the report? We need a paper trail, yadda yadda yadda.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Evolution of Ignorance which is
called Idiocy. I have a problem with idiocy too especially with things that, in
the greater scheme of things, don?t matter. I?m often making fun of stuff like
this especially with how serious they take these things (like the whole
speaking with steepled fingers bit?that?s just ridiculous).

Thing is, this kind of stuff pervades society. You go to
work or school and it?s the same thing. People who you don?t know and who don?t
know you assigning greater importance to material than it should have. Then the
whole flipping out about banal stuff like this just underscores that whole
hamster mentality. Run, drink, eat and run some more. Then looking at the other
hamsters and saying ?What the heck is wrong with you? Run! Come on!? If you
don?t run there?s something wrong with you?heck some of us Christian folk
might even like to attach verses to this mentality to justify it.

Here?s where it gets worse?when Idiocy progresses. Huge
personal problem: I have a low threshold for stupidity. I can deal with
ignorance just fine?just ignore it if a person persists in it. I?ve had people
prattle on about how they can use the menu items on their computer for
everything. I?ll sit on their box when they ask me how I do something, and
start using my keyboard shortcuts. They?ll ask me what I?m doing and I?ll tell
them. Then when the person says ?I think going to the menu is just easier? I
shrug. Fine. Stay there.

I?ve taken the same approach with cars, computers and
Christianity. Ignorance can remain if the person persists in it. Idiocy can
remain as well as long as it doesn?t harm anyone. My problem is that when
Idiocy spills over into reality and starts causing an impact to others around
it, it evolves into Stupidity, which I have to point out because this can prove
potentially dangerous.

Example: someone who doesn?t know how to drive correcting my
driving with a constant unending commentary. Fine, they don?t know how to
drive. They?re Ignorant. The same person gets a drivers license and they?re a
poor driver and they persist in verbally correcting my driving?fine, the person
is an Idiot. Lastly, this person starts training other non-drivers with their
poor driving putting people behind the wheel that shouldn?t be there?the person
is now Stupid and needs to be stopped before something worse happens.

Let me borrow something, I hope you don?t mind if I play
with it for my own purposes: avoid
Ignorance for Ignorance when it beareth fruit gives birth to Idiocy and Idiocy
when it has conceived bringeth forth Stupidity. And when Stupidity has ran its
course much will lay wasted.

So as I see these folk arguing I can see that Ignorance can
be Ignored, Idiocy can be Cured but you can choose to Ignore it, but Stupidity
runs rampant unless you do something. So far these folk are at the Idiocy
level. I?ll just stay quiet. 7:15 PM. This is going to be a long meeting.

Update: The meeting ended at 10:01


Hope your pet peeve isn’t when people capitalize letters they shouldn’t giving the words more importance than they should have.  :)

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