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So I think I’m just gonna ramble a bit, just touching here
and there while giving some updates in some areas, linking to other sites in
others and perhaps touching on Star Wars or Aliens while I’m at it. I’m sure my family
will appreciate the update, anyway.

We went to our home assembly as a family again. I’ve been
gone too long, spending some time at home helping out and a couple of
going over to preach at another gathering in Long Island.
But, we came back and received reports from bright-eyed and excited
young people. A
month or so ago they went to the counselor training for the Billy
Crusade and they studiously brought notebooks and pencils for frenetic
note-taking. This weekend they put their studies to work many of them
leading people
to the Lord. The excitement was amazing as years of Christian rubber
wound up
hitting the evangelical road as they preached the gospel and the Lord
them. Needless to say, I’m exceedingly happy about this.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, my family. So my son is in the habit of
giving everyone the impression that he has seen any of the Star Wars movies
when in fact, all he has seen is lego Star Wars on my computer. He was going
around today with a white blanket on his head and “booping” calling himself
“AreCheeDeeThree”. Apparently there is confusion between C3-P0 and R2-D2. Be
that as it may, soon the white blanket was pulled slightly back and he was the
Jedi Windy (Mace Windu, apparently). In the car he became Princess Ariel. And at home he argued that he
was a little not a boy…rather a little girl. If I was another type of man I would be worried,
but honestly it just makes me chuckle.

As for my daughter she slept last night from one o’clock
till seven forty a.m this morning leading me to believe that she is coming down
with a bug and that tonight will be bad. It’s one of those “It’s quiet…a little too quiet”
scenarios. I actually saw her smiling this weekend since she never does that
around me and always to her mother. All she gives me is curdled milk and a
piercing cry as she looks directly into my eyes. Honestly, it could make you go
nuts but you get refreshed when you get some sleep or look into these pair of eyes.

Elayna Stare

Speaking of nuts, TheWriteJerry managed to get his online
comic up
before I did. I’ve been working about a year on an online comic,
developing characters and such but I haven’t been able to commit to anything
yet. I won’t post a link until I have at least thirty programmed so don’t hold
your collective breath. Maybe you can help me with a name though. The comic is
about a below average guy making his way trying to achieve, at least,
mediocrity. I know, it’s exceptionally average but I have plans for it. Guy’s
name is Norm. Normally Average? I don’t know…suggestions?

Oh, my ESV post turned out to be a hit. Not only did people
prove that loving the ESV has nothing to do with theological leaning but there
was enough love for the Bible across so many lines that this book might be a
permanent hit. Wayne’s post has some good links  and the esteemed Mike (a reformed league
blogger who doesn’t strike me as very reformed at all) has some comments on the ESV discussion.
Also, much respect for Mike with a hearty “here here” on his post telling other
folk to tone down the Anti-MyDoctrine rhetoric
This quote is great:

So here’s my offer: don’t take cheap shots at me or others
who disagree with you (regardless of your theological orientation) and I’ll
stop writing posts like this. Those who are non-Reformed, non-TULIPers (or
non-Dispensational, non-Arminian, non-whateverarian) are not the village
idiots. We have not misunderstood what you think we have and you don’t understand
our position better than we do. We just disagree, that’s all. We are
responsible for our beliefs as you are for yours – but to God, not one another.

Let me say “Amen!” one more time. I know, he’s not picking a
fight or anything but I’ve been in the same position where a person spews
verses (which I’ve read) quotes (which I’ve seen) undeniable proof (which I’ve
seen denied) and charges of heresy (which I gladly accept :) ) and has left me,
in the end, tired of the conversation and off doing my own thing. Which reminds
me…my baptism series will soon be over and I’ll be getting back to Romans with chapters  9, 10 and
11. After Russ’ series on TULIPS maybe people have gotten all that out of their
system and I won’t get any hate mail. Heh heh.

Here’s Jeremy on Star Wars morality and the Minor Prophet has a Blog
going on which asks “How should Christians regard all the talk about
UFO’s and alien encounters? Is it possible God created life on other planets?

Well, I have a quick answer but you can jump on over there
to check out what others are saying. Angels are non-terrestrial beings and they
were created before Earth (apparently). With that said I think it’s possible
that there are other celestial beings and perhaps even other beings in the
cosmos. How they were affected by the Fall or all that is not for me to answer,
but the possibility is there. Have they been here on Earth, I don’t know. I
know men have entertained Angels unawares so one alien species at least has
been here. I think it’s interesting with Mayan architecture and such how it is
so structured when seen from an aerial view but it doesn’t keep me up at night.
I also know that one day I’ll be exploring those stars for myself although it
may be an all new creation…so that’ll be cool.


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