Rey’s Reviews: Bad Twin (Troup)

Rey Review in a Word: A decent mystery book that adds some dimension to the whole Lost Experience that’s fine for a relax read and if you’re not hoping for a book you wrestle with

What’s the Point of the Book?
To have a mystery story that adds to the Lost Experience.

The Good?
Bad Twin comes out of the pop-phenomenon on ABC, Lost, and as per the story the author submitted the manuscript (discovered on the Island by Hurley) before getting on the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. If you’re a Lostie, prepare to spend sometime peeling second layers and chuckling when you see names pop up. The story is basically your standard noir detective work but updated to this age with a character who is roughly in his thirties. Like most noir, the dialogue shudders with the weighty lessons and the actions scenes are handled by nervous pros.

The Bad?
Admittedly, the writing isn’t that great. What works in noir has reached a point of cliché and for it not to leave the classic boundaries and instead revel in “Gatsby-ian” atmosphere (at certain points) and hammer hitting with Good versus Evil Twin got a bit tedious (for a great example of modernized noir you can check out the film “Brick“). Some Christians might have a problem with the violence and the sex scene, but honestly it’s to be expected in noir.

The Ugly?
The book jacket, for all intents and purposes, stinks. Honestly writing “Bad Twin” with a stick in the sand doesn’t give any clue as to the point of the book but it sure does support the idea that it’s being read by a guy stranded on a mysterious Island—which is helped by the huge ugly burst that says LOST on the cover.

Star Rating.
The read was mildly entertaining, perfect for a quiet evening with nothing to do but easy reading. Losties would appreciate the book more than anyone else and at the very list you’ll get some good recommendations for some excellent titles (though the author is right—Great Gatsby is a must-read but overrated). Therefore, three stars with a could read rating.

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