Salon du Refus

Salon du Refus? is in order! Apparently someone went and
nominated me for the Evangelical Underground’s First Annual Evangelical Blog
This now pits me against the following heavy hitters:

Alpha Omega Ministries
Joe Missionary
becomes Lies

Real Clear Theology
Just Thinking
Christian Conservative
These Eternal Spaces
Dawn Treader
Razor?s Kiss
Tim Challies

This being the case, when I am left out in the cold beaten,
dejected and forgotten, I will scrounge around for others and link to their
sites in a posting frenzy. This will not be based on any submissions because I
don?t want to break the web?s limit on that sort of thing. It will be
arbitrary, against your will and I promise that traffic driven to said sites
will be minimal to non-existent. Vive le Carnaval Salon du Refus?!


You can try to nominate me if you wish but If I were to pick a few I would nominate Parableman, Razor’s Kiss and Tim Challies.

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