Son Brag

So I never got a chance to brag about my son on this site. He's 3 years
old now and is a firecracker. I hate to use such an old school word but
it really counts in this case. This very moment he's playing guitar in
front of the lamp while my wife tries to catch up on some much needed

I guess every parent says that, but I don't think that many of them can
say that their son was walking, un-held, on his own at 7 months. 7
Months, I kid you not. At 5 months he was cruising around the
apartment, holding onto furnisher. At 4 months he was standing on his
own. At 1.5 months he was walking while holding onto my fingers?it
freaked people out. At two weeks he was laying on my wife's shoulder,
started rooting in her neck and pushed his way down to a meal. At 1 day
old he was lifting his head and making eye contact. It's for this
reason I think that he may kill me one day…or just go up in a ball of

It's no wonder that he was running at 8 months then. He never had much
of a crawling stage and when people hear this stuff they look at me
like I wasn't really there or that I may very well be the world's worst
liar. Yet, it's all true. It's also true that he loves classical music
and all types of music in general. I would've called it "tripe" before
having a kid, but that whole playing music while your wife is pregnant

This is why he loved to bang on a drum when he was "a baby" to
copy rhythms. This is why he now sings all the church songs, strumming
the guitar with the rhythm of the song. This is why he gently presses
the piano when he thinks he's playing something. Mind you, he doesn't
really play the notes…if that was the case you would be reading about
us in your news paper as I toured the country making cash off my kid.

Yeah, he's a firecracker and I don't know how many times my wife and I
have gone to bed exhausted. But he's my firecracker and I love him like

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