You Best Represent: Testing at Meribah

How can one properly represent God? Well, there are several ways in the book of Numbers. The Israelites have been protecting the things of God, they’ve been holding fast the center, they were to lead a purified life in their marriages, their homes, and their business practices; they were to offer sacrifices and remember the Passover: all these things were used to properly represent God to the world. They were to be His people, a Holy Nation of Priests, and so they were to stand.

But here’s a story of another misrepresentation of God.

christ israel

Head Confusion

When growing up, I knew who had it all down; who could figure out the answers to problems; who you could go to when you had puzzler: Me!

What a doofus. I still don’t know how to fix cars, I was only as good a cook as my mother made me, I only read because of my father’s zeal for reading, and I frankly didn’t know much beyond the small space in front of my nose. Teenagers, I look back with embarrassment, know everything. I sometimes wish I were that confident today.