Is Man Body, Soul and Spirit?

I don’t expect most people to read this. It is exceedingly long with my original document clocking in at 29 pages and long lists of verses. I don’t expect most people to interact with this trimmed down version; the Internet is fraught with shallowness. I do expect most people, especially Trichotomists, to ignore it, the verses, and the sources. But, this is my way of putting a stake in the ground and arguing why the position is wrong, where it’s wrong, and when it matters. I do allow for a view of trichotomy that is holistic in its approach, but I’ve rarely seen that nuanced a position at the lay level.

To deal with man being three parts, I want to show first what Trichotomists say; then the Biblical Data and how the Scriptures, in both Testaments, respond to pointed questions; give some answers to the arguments and show how the Scripture corrects the incorrect teaching; and finally show a path forward for the trichotomist.


Don’t Know Much About Heresy

Cooke’s “Wonderful World” is about a man who doesn’t know much of anything but the fact that he loves his girl. In the hopes of her loving him back he aims to be number one, but he knows he’s woefully inept. Sometimes we can be like that when it comes to alternate Christian beliefs and sometimes we use words like heresy to describe these beliefs. Linking to the Archive, Curt noted that his illustration, in proximity to me, wound up having heretical ramifications (which he denies) and we wound up discussing (offline) what exactly defines a heresy and how does one deal with it.