Christian Carnival 379: Summer Movie Dreaming Edition

I’m looking forward to some movies this summer, but I doubt I’ll be able to afford the gas to get me to the movie theater. That being the case, I figure I’ll do some Summer Movie Dreaming right here on the 379th Edition of the Christian Carnival. I’m not going to format the posts since […]

What Does The Church Look Like?

So far, I’ve assumed certain things: (1) the church is made up of People, (2) The church’s existence is based on historical prerequisites (3) The church’s leadership is divine and an unmentioned 4th. I covered some entailments of these by pointing out that the church’s purpose is linked with the work of God, the Holy […]

Being A Student (John 8)

John 8 is often used as an example of people who profess belief but never really believed, I want to look at it as it stands: people who believe who refuse to be disciples. Now disciple is one of those archaic words that have religious overtones making it almost incomprehensible in modern day discussion. When […]

Why Did Jesus Have To Die

reynaldo reynoso (admin) The Problem Personally I’ve never heard the question asked out loud but I have asked it of myself. I would find myself looking at scriptures and from an early age the question that was at the forefront of my mind was ?Why?? Not the ?why?? of life or the ?why?? of pain […]