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What Is Faith (According to The Bible)?

What is faith? I’ve seen answers that range from another religion (for example “one of many faiths”) down through some sort of fairy-tale opinion that stands opposed to science. In the Bible, we’ll see all sorts of usage on “faith” and “belief”—sometimes even referring to when someone adheres to the doctrines that make up Christianity.…

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Teaching Kids Your Beliefs: Belief Spheres

With summer winding down, I’ve had time to think about some of the kid-focused teaching ministries we’ve had in my area. I guess it’s because as my kids get to that Age I wind up becoming more aware of the teaching they receive resulting in an area of concern for me. Or maybe there’s a…

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Selective Quoting of Bavinck

I’ve been noticing this Bavinck quote come up on the internet and it’s really annoying since people seem to be using it to support the old argument that at least Catholic works-righteousness is productive whereas the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith falls short. The quote already had me wondering how honest it was since…

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