Flashes of Glory Series Home

This is the series home for the Flashes of Glory series, a short story about the Apostle John writing his biography of Christ and considering the unveiling of the God of Glory.

  1. Considering Flashes of Glory
  2. Flash of Glory in Cana
  3. Glory Unveiled on the Cross
  4. Glory Unstopped

Glory Unveiled On The Cross

The whole time that He was here, He kept saying that He wasn’t seeking His own glory. Others received glory from one another, but Him—not seeking to glorify Himself at all. Mindboggling, thinks John, utterly mindboggling.

The one who has the right to stand in the midst of all and demand the glory from His creation, quietly going off to do the work of The Father for the purpose of glorifying Him.

Even before entering Jerusalem, asking the Father to glorify His name.

But oh, the way that the Father would be glorified. As we sat around that table, and Judas—that traitor—ran out to do his dastardly work, our Lord announces that the hour has arrived for the Son to finally be glorified. To be glorified by hanging on the cross! To hear our Lord praying for the Father to be glorified and for He to receive the glory He had before creation—the wonder of it! Ever since the foundation of the world, he’s been somehow (I don’t understand how) involved in a way that necessitated a return back to that previous glory but as a man!

And then that glory to be transferred to us because of what He was doing on that cross: God of the cosmos, creator of the universe, orchestrator of time—pinned to a tree to glorify God, and to give us that glory.

Glory unveiled on a tree as the sky was occluded!


Flash of Glory in Cana

That first sign, that was a flash of glory if there was ever one. It was the one that really confirmed our trust in Him. And of all places for it to happen, thinks John, at a wedding.

He chuckles to himself, scratching his thick beard. The wine was flowing, the food was decent, and He was there: the God of Heaven, at a wedding, sitting down and tapping his feet to the music. God! The Creator of Music! Enjoying the rhythm by his creations!

John chuckles again but then stops and considers how the vessels were filled to the brim with new water, how there was no way wine could’ve been added from out in the well, how the stuff was still water when the servants dipped the ladle into it and when it was finally brought to the head servant, and he drank, it was wine. The Bridegroom—what was his name, can’t even remember it at this point—he received a bunch of fame from that; but we all knew.

For this flash of glory to happen in Cana of Galilee of all places, at a wedding. Amazing.

But we remembered it, thinks John, it pointed to His provision, it confirmed Him in His mission, it attested to His message, it showed who was the source of life; of living water, of joy even!

All of it made possible by the shedding of His blood; God’s blood.

Flash of glory!