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Glory Unveiled On The Cross

The whole time that He was here, He kept saying that He wasn’t seeking His own glory. Others received glory from one another, but Him—not seeking to glorify Himself at all. Mindboggling, thinks John, utterly mindboggling.

The one who has the right to stand in the midst of all and demand the glory from His creation, quietly going off to do the work of The Father for the purpose of glorifying Him.

Even before entering Jerusalem, asking the Father to glorify His name.

But oh, the way that the Father would be glorified. As we sat around that table, and Judas—that traitor—ran out to do his dastardly work, our Lord announces that the hour has arrived for the Son to finally be glorified. To be glorified by hanging on the cross! To hear our Lord praying for the Father to be glorified and for He to receive the glory He had before creation—the wonder of it! Ever since the foundation of the world, he’s been somehow (I don’t understand how) involved in a way that necessitated a return back to that previous glory but as a man!

And then that glory to be transferred to us because of what He was doing on that cross: God of the cosmos, creator of the universe, orchestrator of time—pinned to a tree to glorify God, and to give us that glory.

Glory unveiled on a tree as the sky was occluded!


Jesus On The Cross

On a hill outside of Jerusalem they crucified Him. Not satisfied with His death, some one even complain about the words on Jesus’ cross “This is Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews”. Others would stand by sneering that “He saved others; let Him save Himself if this is the Christ of God, His Chosen One.” (Luke 23:35). The soldiers would mock Him. Even the criminals on the crosses next to Him would taunt Him. But the Lord didn’t respond to the taunts of men.