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Paving roads over the asphalt of old ideas leads to the same destination, no matter how pretty the new ways look.

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Resurrection Ideas Have Consequences

Ideas have consequences. It’s easy to say, slips stealthily across the typed keys, rings exceedingly true; and in the end it’s ignored. Paul pointed this out to the Church in Corinth when they tried to make their concept of the resurrection more palatable to foreign, and likely their own, ears.

People do it today. In an effort to make one of Christianity’s key doctrines more palatable to the public religious palette, some confessing Christians have taken to modifying the future resurrection of Christians. So instead of a future people getting up from the grave, we put off this flesh and are freed from it: we become happy Ghosts, “resurrected” on a cloud in heaven.

I’m reminded of Yoda, pinching Luke in disgust while talking about “This crude matter”.