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Husband Of One Wife

At a recent men’s conference a question was raised: “Does an elder have to be married?”  I answered live, but I wanted to record my thoughts here.


Rejoice In Tribulations (Rom 5:3)

Should Romans 5:3 καυχώμεθα εν ταίς θλίψεσιν (rejoice/exult/boast in tribulations) be limited in scope to only specific type of tribulations—as in the afflictions that come about from sufferings caused directly by the believer’s profession of Christ as Lord? Some students in the class removed tribulations that come about from sinning because of καυχώμεθα addressing the tribulations; they similarly removed tribulations that come about from natural afflictions because no one should rejoice in having their legs cut off.

I don’t think this exegetical decision is viable.


Codex Sinaiticus Online

I don’t know which blog(s) I’ve seen this on or it might have been Theologica but the Codex Sinaiticus is online. You have to love how technology makes things accessible to everyone. This might not help me much now since my greek is awful and approaching that of an infant but this is very nice.