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Teaching Children Respect for God’s Image: VBS Reformulation

s I said, I’m dealing with teaching that was done during this past summer and how I reformulated it, re-stated it, re-taught it, or just rectified it. This comes from the VBS we had this summer, made available from Answers in Genesis.

The Teaching and Its Problem:
Lesson 3 in the book was Eternal Life and the Intelligence of Early Man with an emphasis on man being an intelligent thinking being, which God loved, instead of a mere animal. The key verse here was Gen 6:23 and the lesson was supposed to draw from Genesis 3. But the focus, once again, was on the apologetic response to the professed belief that early man was an animal whose brain evolved.

I thought that detracted from the main chapter and verse for the lesson. So I reformulated it to focus more on what Humans do to the Image of God and what that says about God.


Who Is A Person?

How would you define a person? You ask people that question and you might notice that personhood looks a lot like them. That doesn’t surprise me since there’s some basis of truth undergirding that presupposition, but I have to wonder about the priorities that come to the fore when defining personhood.