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The Schooling Series

I did a series of posts that dealt with home schooling and I wanted a single location to put the posts. The forth post (Who is a Person) is more about the imago dei than schooling but it, correlated.

  1. 5 Stupid Reasons to Opt-Out of Home School
  2. 5 Sometimes Wrongheaded Reasons to Home school
  3. The 10 Reasons Why We Home School
  4. Who Is A Person?
  5. What is the Purpose of Schooling
  6. My Homeschooling site (though it basically duplicates content)
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What Is The Point of Schooling?

In my rabid posts on home schooling (here, here and here) I kept repeating that such and such ignores the point of schooling. But, poor writer that I am, I allowed the readers to wallow in their presuppositions without ever explaining what I meant by that term. So what is the point of schooling anyway?


Who Is A Person?

How would you define a person? You ask people that question and you might notice that personhood looks a lot like them. That doesn’t surprise me since there’s some basis of truth undergirding that presupposition, but I have to wonder about the priorities that come to the fore when defining personhood.