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Worshipping On Mountains

The following is an example of today’s preaching and yesteryear’s theological stances which have carried into today. Begin Transmission: When we study the Bible let’s make sure to do it systematically—finding out all that the Scriptures have to say on a subject and deducting our conclusion. In fact, you can even start the process by thinking about the attributes of God then finding out how the Scriptures fits into your thinking. Read on, and see how the Scriptures teach that we are to worship on mountains.

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The Gospel of Christ: The Person

Randy Amos

Chronicle number one of God’s gospel dealt with the great problem man has before God. It showed the doctrine of condemnation. All need the gospel for all share in the bad news. All, religious and nonreligious, are not just sinners but stand guilty for their sin before God.

For example, one might go out to his garden to get a head of cabbage and find the cabbage is all mushy and rotten. He does not, however, call the police and press charges against the cabbage. For though the cabbage is bad, it is not guilty; it had no moral responsibility. It was just a victim of its environment. But if a thief broke into his house and stole his goods, cabbages included, now he presses charges for the thief was morally responsible and therefore guilty.