Teaching As Paul Taught

REVIEW SUMMARY: Biblically strong, a perfect reference tool for those who want to categorize Paul’s teaching methods and apply to their own methods.

MY RATING: [rating:5]

OVERVIEW: Roy Zuck follows his classic Teaching as Jesus Taught with a focus on St. Paul (Teach ing as Paul Taught). Zuck makes sure to focus on Scripture and from there draw any and all conclusions.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Biblically focused to draw any conclusions about Paul’s teaching, the book is an excellent resource and deserves a place on a teacher’s shelf if he/she needs Paul’s teaching labeled and categorized. Otherwise, the long lists might make some weary in reading. Definitely recommended, but know what you’re buying.

Completely focused on Scripture. If Zuck points out that Paul uses Questions as a teaching method he’ll cite two hundred and fifty verses, in a numbered list, and quoting the question. If he wants to expose the reader to Paul’s Diatribes he’ll feature a table with references , preceding premises, false conclusions, initial brief responses and then the subsequent reason for the rejection: this method is excellent. You’re not going to come out of this book thinking Paul’s teaching style was something you can confine to a school of thought.

THE BAD: Although helpful to have these lists, they are very much like a concordance: long and dry. Now that can be negative to a certain type of reader who automatically looks at long lists as mere reference.

THE UGLY: The original book jacket is pretty ugly but the newer softcover jacket is nie with an excellent painting on the cover. The font is easy to read and the use of footnotes was done in a manner equal to any scholarly commentary.

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