The Current State of Cooking

If you travel in and around the Queens area, you will be exposed to several different cooking styles. Some of these styles may be featured in some local eateries where one can spend a decent dollar to have a meal. Recently, I?ve noticed something odd happening in the non-commercial cooking community?people are splitting down cookery lines!

I found it acceptable when styles of cooking were featured in these eateries, content in the ?Spanish style? or ?Asian style?. People enjoyed the flavor of the food coming out of these eateries and would revel in the enjoyment that they were all food. Recently there?s been a nightmarish trend coming up. People have left the enjoyment of the cooking and have been dwelling on the methods or style of cooking!

The folk who fry their food on pans have been saying that their way of cooking is the original way of cooking which has been rediscovered by the Old Fryers. These frying pan users have said that the emergent Microwave users have taken cooking (and eating) to the low-level of fast food! These ?Microwavers?, as the Fry-Panners call them, are ?an upset to the very face of cooking.?

The Pressure Cookerites aren?t liking the way this all is heading and they have split off from the Fry Panners with a top five reasons why Preasure Cookerites are better than mere frying. The Fry Panners answered the remonstrants with the five points of Fry Panning (too long to be covered in this article). They subsequently end their argument with their affirmation: ?Only Frying, Total Frying, Nothin-But-Frying?.

A new movement is on the rise called the Purpose Driven Kitchen which focuses on all kitchen utensils (without really explaining the proper context of the utensils). This movement is growing more and more active as cookers everywhere shout for joy that they are a Cooker without ever needing to enter into a Kitchen! ?Cooking is for everybody!? they say without holding much food, only pans.

Needless to say the Microwavers have jumped on board with this movement (to the unending chagrin of the Pressure Cookerites and the Fry-Panners). The Slow-Cookers, who are in direct opposition to all the other movements, have stated that all these upstart cooking utensils are useless and can only be used properly by enjoying the flavor brought by the Slow Cookers. ?Without the history of the Slow Cookers, the Fry-Panners and all such movements were useless.?

I can understand gathering with like minded styles of cooking out of conviction?but when the styles get elevated over the thing that we?re all doing, this Eating, then it is just plain silly. (1 Cor 1 – 3)


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