New Poll: Today’s Darth Vader

The results are in from my Best Movie of All Time poll.
Although The Lord of the Rings: The Two
came in a near second, no one really thought any of the options were
worthy of number one. In fact, after several conversations online and off, it
was brought to my embarrassed attention that my poll was woefully skewed by the
dreadful exclusion of The Princess Bride (I
can?t believe I don?t own it either). That being the case, I will back out from
the deep end of the pool, having adequately proven my complete lack of foresight.

This question comes from my dear brother in Christ, Doug
from Coffeeswirls
. If Star Wars was released as a new series today?what would
the main Darth Vader type villain be like? I LOVED this question so I had to
put up the poll. Note that I will base my generalizations from current movie
culture in the hope that I will strike closer to the mark.

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