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XIX. Romans: The Problem of the Jews (Rom 9:1-2)

Let me start an investigation of the third movement of Paul’s defense by directing attention to Russ’ series on Calvanism. There are many discussions that may arise based on very old arguments that I don’t want to spend (too much) time discussing. Not that the discussions shouldn’t be—but rather it detracts from my purpose of going through the book of Romans. Calvinists and Arminians would both agree that their respective stance is a systematic doctrine. These camps do not establish their doctrine solely on the grounds of these three chapters of the Bible so I will not limit my overview of these chapters to those doctrines either.

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Trial -tmp(Gen 3:9-13)

I have an idea why Adam and Eve hid yet even so I think it was futile. I mean, sure we have the whole benefit of seeing God work through history so we have some understanding of what He?s capable of?but so did Adam. He saw that a bunch of animals were made for the benefit of his naming (Gen 2:19). God created his wife and he acknowledged her and was bound to her. All that and still he hid from God?s presence.

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Culmination -tmp(Gen 2)

There are then some basic lessons that we might get from Genesis 2 which may be of personal benefit. Indeed many have looked towards the institution of the marriage covenant and have drawn long sermons for Valentine’s Day banquets. I just want to touch on a few things as an overview and as a leading thought into Genesis 3.

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Cultivator’s Wife -tmp(Genesis 2:18-25)

But before entering into the next scene I?m impressed by another problem in the midst of an amazing story. God recognizes the need for Adam not to be alone?an amazing thing in itself. It is God recognizing the need, not man, and it is God who puts into effect a plan for man to be complete and to recognize his need!

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A Tale of Two Creation Accounts -tmp(Gen 2:4)

Upon entering {{Genesis 2:4}} we encounter another problem. Why is the writer of Genesis giving us a second creation account? Didn?t he just cover all of creation in the first section? Why introduce this section with those same words?