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Living The Gospel: 1 Corinthians MP3’s

Last year I spent some time preaching through First Corinthians with an effort at pushing away from church polity and practice (First Corinthians as the model for how we “Do Church”) and underscoring the present importance of the Gospel and how it speaks into our Church experience and everyday lives.

The MP3’s are hosted at Sermon Cloud and are available after the jump.

  1. God’s Foolishness Displayed in the Gospel (1 Cor 1)
  2. Overturning Man’s Wisdom with the Gospel (1 Cor 2-4)
  3. The Shadow of the Gospel: Our Perpetual Feast of Unleavened Bread (1 Cor 5)
  4. The Gospel Mandate: Our Everyday Vocation (1 Cor 7)
  5. The Gospel Purchase: Bought With A Price (1 Cor 6)
  6. The Gospel’s Law of Limited Liberty (1 Cor 8, 10)
  7. The Gospel Exemplified (1 Cor 9)
  8. Hair, Glory and Covering (1 Cor 11)
  9. Reenacting the Gospel (1 Cor 11)
  10. The Edifying Gospel (1 Cor 12-13)
  11. The Active and Unifying Gospel (1 Cor 14)
  12. The Gospel Preached (1 Cor 15)
  13. The Necessary Gospel and the Consequences of Ideas (1 Cor 15)
  14. The Realized and Victorious Gospel (1 Cor 15)
  15. Abound In The Gospel (1 Cor 16)

For more sermons at our chapel you can check our chapel’s website for updates or the Sermon Cloud page.

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