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The Riches in Christ – 05 The Holy Spirity Translates

I say the stupidest things. I realize that every time I think I?m saying the right thing and suddenly note the recipient?s reaction. Sometimes I don?t finish what I?m saying automatically assuming the person gets where I?m heading. Other times I don?t bother saying things because I feel it?s so obvious that it shouldn?t need verbal stating (how dumb).

I offered a comment on Rebecca?s board yesterday and I realized after I posted what an idiot I sounded like. I go stomping around the house when I?m in a mood saying the stupidest things, and if I really am in need I rarely fully express myself the way I ought to. I just proved the point that I’ll stomp around the house and I’ll stomp around the web with equal reckless abandon.

Even when I pray, I feel like I blithering moron who isn’t saying the right words or putting them together right and what lesson am I teaching my Son for goodness sakes! So there I am, praying the ?Good Night? prayer by the side of the bed, my wife to my left and my son under my arms and I?m thinking ?what an utterly simple prayer?.

Yet, if you look at your Romans chapter 8, you would see the Holy Spirit, the third person of the triune God taking our prayers into the presence of the Father. Those prayers aren?t lifted up in the way we prayed them. The passage says that we ourselves don?t know how we should pray, but (thank God) the Holy Spirit brings those prayers up and translates them into groaning s we can?t possibly put into words (Rom 8:26). We also know that the one who searches our hearts is of the same mind as the one who translates our prayers?so there?s no chance that our prayers will be misinterpreted or looked at as dumb! Even in our weaknesses of speech or heart or spirit, we know that God will turn it to the good plan he has established!

So pray on in your weakness. Pray on in your limited speech. Pray on in simple words or astounding words?God will make sure He gets the message the best way it can possibly be received.


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