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The Riches in Christ – 09 Streets of Gold

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The reading is from Revelations 21

J.B. Nicholson Jr. (fondly referred to as Jabe) was speaking the other day and he was telling of a day that him and his family went to a museum to see some precious jewels exhibit. He said that they went in and they stood before this case where some of these precious objects were on display and they examined a jewel the size of a golf-ball. When he told the story I was immediately reminded of going to D.C. and seeing the Hope Diamond, huge and gaudy and really bigger than anyone needed and probably more expensive than anyone could handle.

Anyway, his daughter, being a young lady by this time, looked at the thing and shrugged saying ?That’s funny. The city my Father in heaven has prepared for us, uses this stuff as asphalt?.

We all laughed when he told us but I think you can probably add a psalmists ?Selah? or ?Stop and think about that? after saying it. Those things that we here on earth elevate to such prominent importance and high value, that gold, silver, precious jewels and pearls?those things God uses as mere construction material in his New Jerusalem.

Oh the sense of wonder and awe that it gives one, that our God in heaven can be so great that those things which we look at as precious will be nearly chaff in light of his glory!


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