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The Riches in Christ – 10 Big Promises

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The reading is from Genesis 15 and Romans 5

Can you imagine being in Abraham’s sandals right after the rescue of Lot and his subsequent encounter with the King of Sodom? In a relatively short period of time, Abraham went from having a pretty good reputation to making enemies left and right. A hectic few days with the rescue of Lot and being blessed by God via the King Priest of Salem, Abraham likely had a restless sleep. It was at that time of night that the Lord spoke to Abraham in a vision.

The Lord’s words began with ?Fear not Abram? and were followed with ?I am you shield? (your defense) ?and your exceedingly great reward (your riches)?. (empahsis mine)

Abram boldly asked the Lord (in faith apparently for he sought what the promise meant) how was he to take full possession of these promises if the only potential heir he has in his home is not of his own loins.

Then God goes on to make big promises (which consequently, He begins to fulfill throughout the book of Genesis). In true Sovereign-God-and-Loving-Lord fashion He layers promises on top of promises and illustrates them by taking Abram outside and showing him the astounding awesomeness of His creation and the number of the stars above.

Astounding, Abraham might have been happy just with protection from God and some riches but God goes on beyond mere protection. He becomes a bastion and fortress of exceeding riches and pours them out on Abraham.

This same God makes promises today to one who believes. We, struggling in our sin, would be happy merely not to be punished but God in His infinite mercy takes that as a starting step.

Paul would tell us that once we have faith in God almighty, He immediately justifies??not of our own accord but on the one who has fulfilled God’s righteous requirements! He automatically, upon our faith, justifies and we have peace with God. Can you imagine, no more enmity and no more struggle! He doesn’t end there though, but He immediately gives a stance in the grace He has provided so that we can rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. This hope can let us glory in God in tribulations because of what they produce, knowing that God’s love is shed abroad in our very hearts. God gives us the Holy Ghost, the very third person of the trinity as our helper. If God loved us so much to send His Son to die in our place while we were yet sinners how much more will we have our hope fulfilled in the Son who now lives?no longer in enmity or struggle with God as if the peace deal is the end all and be all, but we are reconciled to God. We can have joy in God for we have received this atonement! A blessed atoning work that was done on the cross that whosoever believes on Him will be saved.

It should bend our hearts and knees in thanksgiving that our Lord and God and King doesn’t merely make small promises but He makes big promises and intends to keep each and every one. This God, our God, and all his promises are Yea, and Amen! (2 Cor 1:20) and we can rest assured that if we believe Him, He will do greater and more wonderful than we can possibly imagine.


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