Time For a Random Rant

I guess we?re all allowed to do it once in a while. Not complain really, but kind of open up and just throw down our thoughts. It?s often strikingly random, wildly rampant in the blog community and strikingly unoriginal but each time it?s pertinent to the person writing it feeling a complete lack of direction in their current situation.

Actually, I do have direction. I see it clearly where I should be going and I even have several options?but I don?t tackle either of them. I just sit back on my haunches and expect these things to jump into my lap. Paul would say something along the lines of that which he wills to do, he doesn?t do. Would this be the time that I chalk it up to being busy, sick or way to over-occupied with way too many things at the same too little time? Maybe I should just admit that I?m being lazy.

Something else that?s been bugging me is the fact that I haven?t taken the Lord?s Supper in a couple of weeks. This week I?m sick, last week my family was up half the night with my son being sick so we didn?t get up in time. You would think something like that shouldn?t bug me. I mean, there?s churches that take the Supper once a month or once every four months. Some even take it once a year. Yet, there it is?it bugs me.

I feel drawn out. Like a piece of old shoe lace that instead of falling apart, decides to lose much of it?s consistency and extends as you pull it, held together by a far-stretched and useless thread. Perhaps it has something to do with my cold as well. Or my feeling like I?m in being lazy. Or the fact that this web sites design doesn?t look right at all on Internet Explorer for the Mac.

Or maybe, sometimes, a guy just needs to rant. Sure I was guessing at first, but I can?t be too far from some unwritten internet rule called a Temporary Rant Allowance (TRA), right?


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