What are your long term goals for the Bible Archive?

My long term goals break out of the boundaries of a web-site. I wish to have an online community which will educate believers in an intelligent manner: by using the Word of God (2 Titus 3:16), the discipleship of other believers (Matt 28:18-20), by education in the opposing argument (1 Pet 3:15). I hope to have a place where Christians study and give input for the betterment of knowledge both doctrinal and secular showing grace while doing this (2 Tim 2:15; Romans 14:1-8). I would like to have an online commentary of the entire Bible and make this site a resource for Christians online and off. I want to make this site a hub for the so-called Plymouth Brethren movement and simultaneously offer prayer for this community and others (James 5:16). I want this site to be a reflection of the diversity and unity of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12).

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