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Yay! Elayna Pictures

Sorry, I just got these shots and had to put them up.

Yawning or part of this weird habit she seems to have of licking her lips. It didn’t make much sense (although we had our suspicions) when her hand slowly made it’s way to her mouth and she began to vigourously suck on it. She hasn’t discovered a finger…yet…elayna1.jpg

Here she’s leaning on mom. All calm and dependant…until I got back there tonight. Her eyes, wide open, her head held up of her own strength, she’s looking around the room with this look that knows too much as if she was Bene Gesserit or something. Anyway, Sy exhibited some of that same sort of head strength and control so I wonder if she’ll take after him in other areas as well. It really is too soon to tell, but when Sy was standing at 3 months and walking by holding onto things at 5 months then finally walking without assistance at 7 months you start to realize that Time Moves Quickly.elayna2.jpg

Now, THERE’S a sexy family. That lovely lady is the Missus and that downright sexy Dominican brother is yours truly. Oh yeah, Elayna is in the middle. I know you do it anyway, but do try to ignore my repeated spelling errors in this post and also the fact that I didn’t bother designing it. I kinda just put in the image tages and flowed the copy on the online editor so it will most definitely look bad. As for the pictures, alas I don’t own a digital camera, so we had to wait for my sister to email us the shots that she took this afternoon–well worth the wait indeed. Thanks for stopping by and go read the story.!elayna3.jpg

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