A Surreal Labor

A healthy baby and a completely surreal labor. We got in
around 6 for a seven A.M. induction.
It took forever to set up, but when they finally had the Pitocin drip going it
was 8:10 AM, five minutes before the
arrival of our OB/GYN. Coasting right up to 9:00
, the OB/GYN broke my wife?s water to try to see some activity. A
mere four centimeters dilation and my wife still wasn?t in real labor as we
chuckled over the stupidity of Saved by the Bell,
College Edition. The Surreal began to happen while I ate breakfast.

Yeah, so why would I go eat breakfast while my wife?s water
was just broken? The reasons were not so selfish as it appears. Normally, I
only eat a bagel for breakfast or simply skip the meal?the difference here was
that the Doctors asked me if I had eaten and I (stupidly) told them ?no?.

At 9:10 AM they
began telling me that they didn?t want me to pass out, that I needed my energy
for the long haul and that I should go eat now while nothing was going on. I
asked my wife if it was okay and she agreed. Everything was fine and there was
some wisdom to be found in their words. Our Doc?s parting words as she went off
to do her rounds were ?Let?s hope that this baby is born at 12:00, ay Laura?? To which my wife laughingly agreed.

?Page me if you need me.? Said our doc and I was ushered out
to the cafeteria. I didn?t look at the time, I just went.

I went with wisdom and purchased some eggs, bacon and a
bagel to get a full breakfast. I also made sure to drink plenty of water. As I
sat down to eat I figured I should turn on my cell phone to set a timer for
eating. I didn?t want to miss the birth of my child because of eating.

The food stopped in my throat when I saw the time. 11:59.
That?s what the cell phone said. The Doc?s words of a hopeful delivery by 12:00 rang in my ears. I was at the Eleventh
hour and fifty ninth minute and I was sitting down and eating!

I finished the sandwich in four choking bites and hotfooted
it up four flights to labor and delivery?energized and ready! Bursting into the
room I see that Labor has gripped a hold of my wife as the contractions are now
painful. My cell phone, for some reason, turned itself off and I (stupidly)
started telling my wife about the ?weirdest thing how this piece of junk keeps

As my eyes panned the walls I noticed that the time was 9:35. It made no sense. My cell phone told me
it was 11:59?is the clock in labor
and delivery wrong? No?impossible, my phone had to be screwy. I started to tell
my wife about this but then she started REALLY moaning. ?Something?s not right?
she said, and my voice caught in my throat ?Something?s NOT right!?

She turned to the nurse ?I NEED the epidural!? The resident
Doctor, a student really in this university hospital, started explaining that
there was no shame in having the epidural. After all, the odds were stacked
against her. The Pitocin and the broken water were heavy handed ways of making
sure you have a stronger than natural labor?this being the case, the resident
Doctor went out to make the call. The nurse checked the vitals as My wife was
moaning then began complaining about tremendous back pain?and pressure.

?Pressure?? repeated the near-novice nurse. She?s been
fumbling around the whole morning but now, there was a sense of panic. ?Don?t


I looked up at the nurse who?s eyes suddenly went wide as she
left the room. I could hear her shouting down the hall ?Help, please!? as
the door shut behind her.

Time froze. I heard a heart beat (the baby on the monitor),
I heard breathing and as I looked over, I saw the baby?s head. Someone shouted
?Help please!? or ?DOCTOR!??I can?t remember what he said?my eyes were very
transfixed as my lips ran off on their own accord.

The resident doctor came in followed by the novice nurse.
The Resident put her hand on the head and with no effort Elayna Marie Reynoso
entered the world weighing 6lbs 1 oz, 18 ? inches long at the time of 9:42 AM. The nurse was aghast ?This has never
happened to me before!?

I had a feeling it never happened to the Resident before
either. As our OB/GYN came bursting in saying ?WHAT HAPPENED!?!?? I had the
distinct feeling this was a first time for her as well.

Thanks for praying folks. It may not have really been 11:59 when I was eating, but God managed to
find a very surreal way to say ?Get. Back. There. NOW! You?re gonna want to remember this.? When it was all done, we could hardly believe how quick it went.

YAY! Pictures!

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