Eager Anticipation: Russ on Calvinism

This will be a light posting weekend. This morning I’m in the hospital watching my daughter enter into the world. God willing, I’ll post baby-stats later in the day (if I’m up to it). So I’ll claim the RLTB (Real Life Trumps Blogging) card for the weekend. But come back Monday when I have guest blogger Pastor Russ, a Christian brother I met over at Tim’s site, who is going to be working on a Non-Calvinist series called TULIPS. His Monday post will focus on his view on Total Depravity. Can you say, “whetted appetite?” Links to each Post after the Jump.

  • T – Total Depravity
  • U – Unconditional Election
  • (F) – Faith
  • L – Limited Atonement
  • I – Irresistible Grace
  • P -Perseverance
  • S – Sovereignty
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One reply on “Eager Anticipation: Russ on Calvinism”

Hi Rey:

If you have never studied the history of Brethrenism you may find it interesting, as I did, quite and eye opener to read the details of the original founders letters and writings. As originally conceived, and practiced by Mueller and Craik, it was the purest form of Christianity since the time of Paul in my view.

Mueller and Craik, Norris and Newton, Chapman and Tregellis, all early Brethren, embraced and taught the Doctrines of Grace, though, like all wise men who study the scriptures, they refused to call themselves Calvinists, because Paul taught us not to say “I am of Paul, or Appolos or Peter”. In other words, not to follow men, but Christ.

These men were devoted to scripture, not tradition, and were committed to following Christ, regardless of the cost.

Mueller, in his Narrative tells us how his christian life amounted to little until he was taught and embraced the doctrines of Grace, including election, reprobation, total depravity, and so on, as well as the premillenial literal reign of Christ, and the limited role of clergy, and separation of the church from human organizations in any form, governments, associations, etc.

He also was a post tribulational premillenialist, having read his bible 200 times before he died. He rejected Darby’s dispensationalism, because it introduced many errors into scriptural teaching, retaining the premillenial aspect as the only true point, essentially, in the whole dispenasational scheme.

Would that there were more Muller type Brethren today. I would love to find some to worship with.

Thank you for receiving these comments in the love and concern in which they are offered.


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